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Widowed mom-to-mom sisterhood, grief support programs, and more.

Living On

With Purpose


Dedicated Widow 

Support Programs

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For widows & widowed moms faced with immediate post mortem tasks.

  • Rapid response
  • Work through the 1st few days
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An 8-week support program designed to support widows & widowed moms.​​
  • 1x1 coaching & group workshops
  • Gain necessary tools & support
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Needing one-on-one support? I'm here to help you.
  • Personalize support from me
  • Schedule as often as needed
Don't feel rushed, I'd love to meet you first.


Charity Hyams

I was thirty-seven when Ollie, my husband of twelve years (we’d been together fourteen), took his last breath on this earth. At the time, we had three boys, ages five, three, and one. I went from mother and a wife to solo parent deeply in grief. 

You can survive this and help your children at the same time. I want to hold your hand through grief and show you that you are strong enough to survive and thrive in life after loss.

"Charity offers hope and practical steps through the darkness and difficulty of grief into the light and new possibilities of life."

The Reverend Tracy Fye Weatherhogg

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