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Explore our mom-to-mom grief support programs and find strength in community.

Why LivingOn

Support Programs?

When you lose your spouse, your life changes forever. Planning for the future feels far out of reach, but in the midst of mourning we want to hold your hand though grief. 

Select the Right  

 LivingOn™ Program

Review our supportive widowed mom-to-mom grief support programs 

and find strength in sharing comfort, healing, hope and understanding. 

  • For widows & widowed moms faced with immediate post mortem tasks.

    500 US dollars
  • 8 week grief support program designed to support widows & widowed moms

    Started Oct 6, 2020

    2,500 US dollars
  • Not sure what you need or if the programs are right for you?

Personally Experienced

A community of women on the journey into widowhood.  



Programs for immediate action plans and support.  

Created for Moms

with Children 

Dedicated programs designed for moms with small children.

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