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Meet Charity


Founder, Author, and Coach working to help widows & widowed moms thrive in life after loss.


Author & Coach 

Charity Hyams was widowed at thirty-seven with children aged five, three, and one at the time of her husband’s tragic and unexpected death. Charity brings her own personal perspective into her coaching programs and materials, sharing her process for moving though the grief of losing her spouse with small children and finding the power to live on though immense personal tragedy for herself and her family. 

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My Personal

Promise to You

Why I Started LivingOn

I founded LivingOn as means to connect women from all walks of life bound by the shared community and struggle of living on past the defining personal tragedy of losing a spouse. 


We're a place that, fortunately, many haven’t had to experience, but where those who have could seek refuge with others through real acknowledgement and understanding of the unique challenges that come along with transitioning into a widowed single parent — and just need a helping hand or someone to talk to.

My Mission, Vision, and Promise to You

For young moms it’s especially challenging to enter the journey of widowhood, with the emotional and logistical challenges only becoming increasingly complex with small children involved.


It's my promise that my book and programs will help you create an action plan for day-to-day life that will not only help you survive and thrive in life after loss, but check in with your heart and stay connected to your lost loved one and family in the process.

“The Widow’s Survival Guide is a quick glimpse into the painful hours, days, and months after losing a life partner, while still having to answer to the call, “Mom.”

LJ Coppola, MBA and Death Coordinator

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When you lost your spouse, your life changed forever. 

Planning for the future feels so far out of reach because making it through each day is almost impossible. Even in the midst of your mourning, you still have children, family, and all the logistical responsibilities required directly after the death of your spouse.


The Widows Survival Guide was written as an experienced and practical voice on navigating grief as a widowed mom with small children directly after the death of your spouse.

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