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My personal step-by-step guides on surviving and thriving with small children after loss.

Charity Hyams, a widow at thirty-seven with children aged five, three, and one at the time of her husband’s tragic and unexpected death, takes you through the challenges and triumphs of young widowhood.

The Things You Need To Know After Loss

  • Handle grieving children when you are falling apart

  • Set up a support system that will hold you and your children up

  • Support yourself even when you don’t want to

  • Feel connected to your loved one even though you feel so far removed

  • Figure out if you’re ready to venture into the new dating world

  • Learn how to know if a relationship is right and worth pursuing

  • Find the second love of your life

When you lost your spouse, your life changed forever. 

Planning for the future feels so far out of reach because making it through each day is almost impossible. Even in the midst of your mourning, you still have children, family, and all the logistical responsibilities required directly after the death of your spouse. The Widows Survival Guide was written as an experienced and practical voice on navigating grief as a widowed mom with small children directly after the death of your spouse.

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“The Widow’s Survival Guide is a quick glimpse into the painful hours, days, and months after losing a life partner, while still having to answer to the call, “Mom.”

LJ Coppola, MBA and Death Coordinator

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